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Full service management of self assessment tax return for Executors and Personal Representatives

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Self-assessment tax return service for Executors & Personal Representatives 

Welcome to our Tax Return Service for those who have lost loved ones or are administering the Estate of someone who has recently passed away.

If they received a pension, income, wages, profits or interest on savings, a tax return may be required.   


For Executors or Personal Representatives who are not familiar with managing tax affairs or cannot afford the time, you may find that you can benefit from the services of a tax professional. We will allocate you your own Personal Tax Adviser who will manage all the tax issues arising from the tax returns that are required.  Our goal is to provide a service that matches your individual needs. 

We will provide the following service: 

  • We will review tax liabilities for previous tax years and the tax year in which death occurred to advise how many tax returns are required  

  • We will check whether anything Is currently owed to HMRC (this is important as interest may be charged on any outstanding amount until its paid) 

  • We will complete the Tax Return (Self Assessment Return SA100) 

  • We will complete the Tax Repayment Claim Form (R40) to pay tax liabilities due or obtain any monies due back to the Estate 

  • We will ensure that you comply with Inland Revenue requirements and associated deadlines 

  • We will keep you up to date on a regular basis 

  • We will handle any correspondence with the Inland Revenue  

Managing the Tax Return  

​Once you have decided to use the Tax Return Service you will receive a welcome pack confirming your registration and payment for the service. It will include 

  • A registration form 

  • An agency authorisation form 

  • A pre-completed HMRC authorisation form (64-8) that will advise HMRC that we are acting on your behalf 

  • A ‘details of deceased’ fact find (including a checklist of all items and information you will need to send to us)  

  • Our terms and conditions 

Providing the right information 

It is critical that we have all the right information to ensure the accuracy of the tax return so that there are no future liabilities to you as Executor or Personal Representative. However, you need not worry if some of the details are missing, just let your Personal Tax Adviser have the details of the third party holding the information and he or she will obtain it on your behalf.


As everyone’s needs are different, we will provide a personal quote based on your needs. To obtain a personal quote please fill out the form below. 


We will agree with you the best way to transfer funds from the Estate to pay for the service when you take it up. 

What the service costs 

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