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Need help getting your Tax Return prepared and submitted to meet the 31 January deadline?

We can still help.

Which Tax Service​

Helping clients avoid paying unnecessary tax bills

If you require help with your tax return. We have two comprehensive tax return services. Tailored to your individual needs. A personal tax managements (PTM) service or a straight forward tax return service.

Klarity Tax - which tax service

It's important to choose the right tax service for your needs. Use the table below to determine which service is right for your requirements. 

Which is best for you – our tax return service or our personal tax management service? 

Now and again, things can go wrong if your taxes aren't managed correctly.
Some clients do prefer to complete the tax return by themselves but without the proper management, you could pay more tax, or even face fines if managed incorrectly. The table below highlights some of the common issues and how Klarity Tax ensure that tax matters are managed correctly. 

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