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Client Stories

Klarity Tax helps thousands of people each year by providing personalised tax advice and managing their tax affairs. Here are a few happy clients.

John Morris

John has been a client of Klarity Tax for more than 10 years. His tax requirements were complex due to him having a variety of income sources. This required specialist tax management. 

Like many people, the prospect of managing the tax himself was overwhelming so John relied on Klarity Tax to manage all aspects of his tax. 

John benefits from the convenience and speed of working with the Klarity Tax portal which allows him to quickly and easily upload and submit documentation. 

“They've always known what to do, I’ve stuck with them, why change a winning formula!”

Phil Reynolds

Initially Phil needed help managing the tax implications of his company car. That then progressed to Klarity Tax helping him with his self assessment.

Phil found us online and after a quick free consultation call to discuss his requirements he was confident that Klarity Tax were the right company to manage his tax affairs.

“Customer service is really important, personal tax can make people nervous, but they held my hand all the way through”

Liz Delahunty

Liz is a retired school teacher, around 15 years ago she needed help dealing with The Inland Revenue and she's remained a client of Klarity Tax ever since. 

Liz admitted that she isn’t wonderful with figures and therefore wanted peace of mind that her tax was being managed correctly. Being able to talk to one of our advisors and quickly get an answer or response has really helped Liz on a number of occasions. 

While Klarity Tax offers a tax portal to easily upload documentation, Liz preferred our traditional method of paper applications. Which we’re more than happy to accept if it’s better for individual clients. 

Professor Boulton

Professor Boulton has been a client of Klarity Tax from the very start. He is employed both in the UK and the US and also carries out external consultant work which makes his tax requirements rather complex meaning specialist management is needed.

Professor Boulton benefits from our consultants always being available to answer questions and queries quickly and always being able to speak to someone if an issue arises. 

Maria Bradley

Maria lives in Greece but has property in the UK, meaning she needs help to manage her tax affairs, including capital gains tax.

Maria has been a client of Klarity Tax for a number of years, communication is the most important thing for her. Living abroad can sometimes be challenging to deal with companies in the UK, but we always ensure that our communication whether over the phone or email is prompt and concise. 

“I would definitely recommend Klarity Tax, especially to anybody who lives abroad and has property in the UK”

Dennis Rothman

Dennis was having difficulty getting responses and answers from the HMRC. After countless phone calls and emails with them, he found us online to help him resolve his issues. 

When Dennis was looking for a tax specialist to help him, we were the first business to respond and also provide a proposal perfect for his needs. 

Like many clients, Dennis likes the fact that there is always someone he can speak to. 

“I’m not sitting there in the dark, there is always someone there that can help me, problems are always solved within 24 hours’

Mike Raycraft

Mike has been a client of Klarity Tax for about 25 years. Mike is in a similar situation to many of our clients, he is retired and lives abroad, but is still required to pay tax in the UK. 

Mike wants life to be smooth and simple as possible, and having a business like Klarity Tax to manage his tax affairs helps this! 

‘What I like about Klarity Tax, is that they don’t just do the easy stuff, they look at your overall position and make recommendations on what what’s best for you, they have a broad view of what’s right for their customer’

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