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Tax Consultancy

Empowering you to make the best decisions

Putting you in the driving seat - We provide you with the information and insights to make informed decisions to best manage your tax and wealth. 

Klarity Tax Tax Consultancy

Tax Consultancy

The dictionary definition of consultancy is “a professional practice that gives expert advice within a particular field”, we see it as something more; as something to empower you to make the best
Whilst our tax preparation services manage your tax affairs throughout the year and try to minimize the tax burden there will be times when you need something more in-depth.
We can provide a service tailored to your personal circumstances, which takes into account all the
possible options, all the advantages and disadvantages, and puts you in the driving seat to make
decisions based on the best information.
Whether working with our tax advisers, or with our partners considering the legal and financial
implications, we aim to provide a solution the meets your needs.

Very close to the end of January this year I required additional work to be undertaken on a detailed Capital Gains Tax matter extending back some twenty three years. Within two days I had received a quotation for this work and in less than a week my tax return for the year ended April 5th 2019 had been amended and updated together with the Capital Gains Tax calculations ready prepared on my behalf for submission to HMRC.
I was most impressed by the personal attention given to this matter by Klarity Tax. It was dealt with extremely promptly and efficiently by means of emails, a personal secure portal system for the exchange of information, and a couple of 'phone calls and I cannot speak more highly of the service provided by Klarity Tax.

Mr Dench

Our areas of expertise

Inheritance tax & Wealth Planning

Inheritance tax (IHT) is an additional charge on a transfer of value. This could include property, vehicles, personal assets and other assets. Many families end up facing significant IHT bills from HMRC, if no planning is in place.

Capital Gains Tax & its various reliefs

Including minimising CGT by the use of trusts, utilising CGT losses brought forward and using schemes that qualify for business relief

Income Tax

Structuring income to reduce tax liabilities may be possible depending upon your income streams/sources.

HMRC Investigations

In our experience by challenging the nature of the investigation, with the right advice this could be stopped before it gets off the ground.

Landlord Taxes

Advising on Stamp Duty, mortgage interest relief and Non-Resident Landlord Tax

National Insurance

Deferments, and advising if voluntary contributions would help to increase your state pension

Residence and Domicile

Regular or one-off reviews to check on your current status, advice on the remittance basis and deemed-domicile rules.

Double Taxation

Advice on the complexities off the different rules relating to different countries, and arranging for pensions to be paid to you without deduction of UK tax if you live abroad.

Next Steps

Speak to us for advice on how we can help you best manage your tax.

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