You don't always need a fixed service, there comes a time when you just need help with one very specific element concerning your personal tax, especially around areas such as:

  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Planning share or assets sales to reduce/avoid Capital Gains Tax
  • How best to structure your income to reduce your Tax Liability

That's where our Consultancy Service come to the fore, you get to discuss your particular situation with one of our specialist tax advisors who will then provide you with an indication of the fee involved before you even start working with us. We then handle everything for you.

The service includes:

  • How we will help you
  • How long the work should take us to complete
  • How much it is likely to cost

What the service costs

As everyone’s needs are different we will provide a personal quote based on your needs. To obtain your personal quote please fill out the form below

You can pay by credit/debit card, cheque or by monthly direct debit when taking up the service.

On acceptance of our quote we will issue you with a specific letter of engagement for your approval and signature before we commence work on your behalf.

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