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Date of Death service for legal professionals

Professional Date of Death & Administration Period Tax Services for Solicitors

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Date of Death & Administration Period Tax Services for Solicitors.

Are you a solicitor administering an Estate that requires UK tax services completing? Our personal Estate tax services provide you access to our professional team of tax advisors who specialise in the UK tax to date of death and Administration Period tax liabilities or refunds that can arise.
Their skills will ensure that deceased Estates are finalised efficiently with HM Revenue & Customs requirements, thus freeing up your time to provide your services to more clients.
You will receive all the required support and quick / responsive communication to enable you to provide your clients with an accurate position and ensure correct closure of the Estate with HM Revenue & Customs.

As part of the helping hand service, Klarity Tax manages the following for the Executors:

  • Review the requirements and advise accordingly
  • Check the current tax position with HM Revenue & Customs. This is important as interest may be charged on any outstanding amount until it is paid
  • Complete the UK Tax Return as necessary
  • Complete the Tax Repayment Claim Form where applicable
  • Process appropriately, to try to ensure HM Revenue & Customs requirements and associated deadlines are met
  • Keep you up to date on progress
  • Handle relevant correspondence with HM Revenue & Customs
Managing the Estates Tax Return
Once you have decided to use our service you will receive a welcome pack confirming your registration and payment for the service. It will include:
  • A Registration form for HM Revenue & Customs authorisation (64-8) that will advise HMRC that we are acting on the deceased behalf
  • A ‘details of deceased’ fact find (including a checklist of all items and information you will need to provide to us)
  • Our Terms and Conditions

A fixed price service

Each Estate is different in its structure and complexity, however Klarity Tax provides fixed price services. The cost of the service is based on:
  • Estates with a value up to £1 million
  • Estates with a value greater than £1 million

Both services can be utilised on a pay as you go model or you can obtain discounts if you know approximately how many Estate cases you normally deal with in a year. This can be set up with a direct debit with us, to ensure we provide you with an annual ongoing service for your clients.

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