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Tax Review Service

Providing you with peace of mind

Tax can be a little confusing, and with HMRC introducing new regulations, and putting the onus on you to manage your tax and provide the correct information, its critical that its done correctly. Let us help you with our Tax Review Service 

Klarity Tax Tax Review

Tax Review Service

Not sure if you need to do a tax return? Have HMRC previously advised that you don’t need to any longer?  Don’t know the latest HMRC regulations? Or simply looking for peace of mind -  Look no further – the Klarity Tax Review Service is just for you.
The onus is on you as an individual to: 

  • Know that you must submit a tax return (it’s not the HMRC’s responsibility for this) 

  • Know whether you need to re-start doing tax returns (HMRC expect you to check your own position now and restart submitting tax returns to ensure you comply) 

  • Know whether HMRC requirements have changed that mean you now need to start submitting a tax return 

Our professional team of skilled tax advisors will work through your individual financial circumstances and establish whether you need to submit an annual tax return for the first time or whether you need to restart. Through using this service, you will have the comfort that you will never have to pay penalties or interest as your personal tax advisor will ensure you remain compliant. 

Achieve total peace of mind 

A detailed report on your tax position

A clear understanding of whether you need to complete a tax return

A clear understanding of whether you are due a repayment for the year or whether you owe anything to HMRC 

Provide a safeguard that you will never have to pay penalties and interest by staying fully compliant 

Providing the right information

It is important you ensure the information provided to your personal tax advisor is complete and accurate.  This will form the basis of the following that you will receive within 30 days: 

  • a letter confirming that your tax position is clear, and you do not need to submit a tax return; or 

  •  a ‘tax computation’ report that shows that you need to do a tax return and confirmation of what you owe to HMRC in liabilities or whether you have paid too much tax and are due a repayment.  

Rest assured if you haven’t completed a tax return before your personal tax advisor can help with this for a small additional fee – click here to read more about this service. 

What happens if I don’t do a tax return when I should have?
The HMRC can require that you complete your tax returns for previous years which could result in:  
  • You receive an unexpected tax bill; or 
  • You lose out if you have paid too much tax and due a repayment from HMRC 
If you do owe something to HMRC, you may need to pay penalties and interest on the tax that you owe. But with our help, this wont happen. 
What does the service cost?
There is a fixed fee of £205.99 which you can pay by credit, debit card or cheque. Alternatively, you can pay by monthly direct debit and spread the cost across the year with interest free monthly payments.  We will issue a specific letter of engagement for your approval and signature before we start work on your behalf. 
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