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35 reviews | Excellent | 4.7 stars

Ian McLachlan 

The service I have received recently has been professional ,with prompt excellent communication. My thanks to Mark Olley.

Colin Taylor

A good value and efficient service. I have used them for years

John Carey

I have Power of Attorney for my sister, Marjorie Wing, who was a client of yours before she went into a Care Home some years ago, so I deal with her tax affairs. I have been in touch with two members of Klarity Tax staff, Jan Pine and Matthew Pick, and they have been unfailingly helpful, dealing with Mts Wing's tax return speedily and giving me advice when I needed it

Sharon Butler

Over a number of years Klarity tax has handled my tax affairs, which are not very simple, with skill, efficiency and good humour.

Derek Taylor

Using wifes and its previous names to handle my late wifes and my own tax affairs for many years At all times the have acted in a very professional manner and I would have no hesitation in recommending them

Bernard Arch

As usual Klarity Tax dealt with my tax return speedily and efficiently. Everything was easy and completed online.

John Moore

I have been a Client of Klarity Tax and its predecessor for about 40 years, 20 of which was when I was the sole employee in UK of a Singapore company, and for the remaining 20 I have been retired. During my period of employment my tax affairs needed to maintain a clear distinction between my remuneration and the reimbursement of expenses which was always done accurately and promptly. Since my retirement I have benefited from help and advice from Klarity Tax which hs enabled my tax affairs to be maintained in good order and which has saved me a great deal of time and effort, guiding me through ever more complex changes in taxation regulations.

Paul Bradley

More than happy to endorse Klarity Tax, having used them and their earlier ie Taxguard for more than 20 years.

David Turner

Very professional but in a friendly and willing to help manner.

Chris Cramer

I have been living and working in the USA for more than 20 years and have used Klarity Tax and their predecessor for most of that time. I value the personal service I receive and the diligent follow up to any taxation questions I might have. They have been invaluable since my final retirement from full time employment.

Balbir Sagoo

We have used the services of Klarity tax for several years and been very happy with their services

Brian Cooper

I find Klarity Tax easy to deal with and reliable. The staff are patient and very helpful. I have been a satisfied client for more than twenty years.

Linda Pinkess

I browsed the web to find myself a company who could take the pressure off me doing my Tax returns every year & found Klarity Tax. They have looked after my accounts in a professional & timely manor for the past 5 years. There is always someone at the end of the phone if you have any enquires. I would recommend them to anyone who prefers not to have to have the worry every year.

Simon Grant

Slick service, easy to use, online Client Portal makes life easier, and the tax return completed uickly and effectively.


Since being assigned from Barclays Personal Taxation Service (BPTS) in January 1998 to TaxGuard, and more recently to Klarity Tax, I have continued to benefit from a high quality personal tax service each year.

Very close to the end of January this year I required additional work to be undertaken on a detailed Capital Gains Tax matter extending back some twenty three years. Within two days I had received a quotation for this work and in less than a week my tax return for the year ended April 5th 2019 had been amended and updated together with the Capital Gains Tax calculations ready prepared on my behalf for submission to HMRC. I was most impressed by the personal attention given to this matter by Klarity Tax. It was dealt with extremely promptly and efficiently by means of emails, a personal secure portal system for the exchange of information, and a couple of 'phone calls and I cannot speak more highly of the service provided by Klarity Tax.

Ian Hollett

acting on behalf of my aunt, the team at Klarity Tax have been very helpful, and patient, providing me with the necessary instruction, so that I could easily locate and provide the necessary information. they handled the rest with the minimum of fuss. Thank you to Matt particularly, in the Klarity Tax Team for his help.

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