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Do you work overseas and need to confirm your residency/tax status to HMRC? 
Do you work overseas and need to keep up-to-date with all HMRC changes in relation to your status and visits to the UK? 
If so, then the Klarity Tax Visits Service is just for you.  Our personal tax advisors can prepare and provide evidence to HMRC of your travel to the UK as well as keep you up-to-date on any changes that might impact your residency and tax status. 

What are the risks of not using a service like this? 
Failure to provide full and transparent information to HMRC could impact your tax position in the UK and you could be faced with an unexpected tax bill and as well as impact your tax position overseas. 
Failure to keep up to date with all the HMRC changes could lead to you inadvertently changing your residency status and which could result in you paying tax on your income overseas and in the UK. 
Failure to understand the complexity of arrangements for those overseas could result in you not managing your tax affairs as optimally as you wish to. 
Ultimately it can also have an impact on your personal life especially if you travel to the UK to spend quality time with your family. 

Guide to the service we provide 

The Klarity Tax Visits Service will ensure that you manage this risk and your personal tax advisor will: 

  • Prepare details confirming your arrival and departure dates from the UK for the respective tax year 

  • Provide an ‘average’ view of your visits to the UK in the last four years 

  • Make you aware of any changes to HMRC rules and regulations that could impact your status and visits to the UK for tax purposes. 


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