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It's Alive! Our Very Own Mobile Scanning App.

If you have been reading some of our blogs recently you may have read "Better Management of Your Annual Tax Documents?" back in August were we spoke about the power of using mobile scanning apps for your documents?

After that article I wondered if we could build our own version of such an app for all our clients, but without the usual month cost associated with them. So, after working up a design and working through it with my developer last week we launched our very own dedicated client document scanning app.

Our initial release will work on most android based mobile phones and hopefully in the coming months we will deliver to those clients who use Apple devices, watch this space.


The app will provide clients with the ability to scan, adjust image quality, upload documents straight to their secure account with us and even better we will not be charging them any monthly fee or increase in costs, in fact making use of the app will save them time and postage costs.

Click the app image to watch our demo vidoe.

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